Supergirl Returns in Comic Book Form

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It seems like every publication is doing a comic-con variant cover these days. With all of the superhero content hitting the airwaves, it makes perfect sense for TV Guide to get in on the act.

After releasing the image of its exclusive comic-con cover, there was news of a Supergirl comic book accompanying the issue. That comic book has been confirmed, as the folks over at Supergirl.TV have the full preview posted on their site. The art looks very well done and for those of us who haven't seen the leaked pilot, it'll be a preview of what to expect in regards to the tone of the show. And it appears to be light-hearted fun. The short preview available shows us that she'll not only be fun, but there's a nice moment with a little girl who is scared and alone. This looks to be much in the same vein as The Flash, where its a nice combination of comedic and emotional beats.

The special issue will be distributed for free at the Warner Bros. booth throughout comic-con. The Supergirl cover will be 1 of 4 variants available along with Arrow, Gotham and The Flash. For those of us unable to make the trip out to San Diego, the issue will go on sale at national retailers tomorrow. According to Superman Homepage, a digital download of just the Supergirl comic book will be available on the Barnes & Noble nook tablet. If you don't own a nook but have an Android or Apple device, you should still be able to download it through their app.

CBS' Supergirl pilot makes its official debut on October 26th at 8pm and then the series begins Monday, November 2nd at 8pm.

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