Carey 'Means' Business at the Syracuse Comic-Con

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The latest announcement out of the Syracuse Comic-Con brings Adult Swim voice actor and veteran, Carey Means, to the heart of New York.

Most famously known for the voice behind AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE character, 'Frylock', Means has done a number of other projects over the years. His other work includes 'Catman' on 6 episodes of PERFECT HAIR FOREVER and on THE BRAK SHOW he was in 22 episodes as 'Thundercleese'. The announcement of his attendance comes 16 days ahead of the convention. Other notable guests include writer Ron Marz and writer/artist Mike Garland.

It looks as though there are still more guest announcements headed our way. You can find additional event information on their Facebook page. The Syracuse Comic-Con is a one-day only event, November 13th at the SRC Arena.

*image courtesy of the Syracuse Comic-Con facebook page.