Riverdale Confirms Death of Major Character

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Riverdale fans who follow the fictional Instagram account of Kevin Keller (played by CASEY COTT) were given the news that Midge Klump (EMILIJA BARANAC), who was last seen impaled on the set wall of CARRIE: THE MUSICAL, is indeed dead.

Kevin writes, "Sometimes it takes tragedies to put things in perspective. RIP Midge you’ll be missed." This all but confirms that a major character has been written off of the series.


Sometimes it takes tragedies to put things in perspective. RIP Midge you’ll be missed

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This opens a whole new mystery regarding the Black Hood, who seems to have made a return. The evidence at first seems to point to Ethel Muggs (SHANNON PURSER), evidence Jughead (COLE SPROUSE) found in her dressing room. But there are plenty of other suspects go go around.

For instance:

Is that really pig's blood that Cheryl (MADELAINE PETSCH) doused herself with when confronting her mother?

Chic Smith (HART DENTON) already has one bloody body in his history. Could Betty's half-brother be telegraphing something as he stands next to Carrie's iconic prom dress?

Midge was also last seen in the company of Fangs Fogarty (DREW RAY TANNER), and when last we saw her boyfriend Moose Mason (CODY KEARSLEY), he was angry and storming away.

Plenty of suspects, an plenty of mystery.

RIP Midge Klump. You will be missed.