The Best Man Gives Joker Spotlight in Batman #48

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A funny thing happened on the way to writing this review.

Sure, I read it. I was enthralled by it, captivated by it, and completely drawn into what was largely a soliliquy from the Joker, in one of his "less manic but just as mad" moments. I mean, he's almost lucid in his insanity through most of this book.

But then it came time to actually write the review. And like most journalists, I rely less on my own means and more on Google's. I mean, I needed to have an image to go with the review, right? And that's when things got funny.

Because I asked for images from BATMAN #48. Because that's this issue, right? And naturally I'm expecting to see Joker. And I do see Joker. And it is BATMAN 48. But it's the previous incarnation of the BATMAN series, where Bruce is trying to have a normal life and finds himself talking civilly with a stranger who could only be a remade Joker talking about the futility of his life.

It's a striking parallel to this particular issue of BATMAN, and I can't believe that Tom King did this by accident.

It's easy to get drawn into Joker's monologue, as he massacres a church full of people to draw Batman toward him. It's at turns somber, and at other turns it's BLAZING SADDLES. Batman does appear, of course, but it's still Joker's show, so Batman says almost nothing the whole time, making the one moment he does speak all the more memorable. And it's all so Joker can make a request: to be the best man in Batman's upcoming wedding to Catwoman.

With lush artwork from Miken Janin, given depth and vibrancy by June Chung's colors, BATMAN #48 is a must-purchase book this week.

5.0 / 5.0