Justice League #2: Adventure Beyond Human Comprehension

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Justice League #1 2018

When we concluded JUSTICE LEAGUE #1, an entity called "The Totality" was on a collision course with the Earth, with less than a minute to go.

With the advent of JUSTICE LEAGUE #2, that minute has passed, The Totality has landed, and it's a big, giant head of a corpse, sending out some sort of universal code. Waylon Jones -- aka Killer Croc -- has already gone into it, and came out changed into a cross between Doomsday and Godzilla, his genetics totally rewritten. What Croc was doing there, we don't know. Let's assume it was part of a Suicide Squad mission, because otherwise he really had no business being there other than to provide us a really cool "New Killer Croc" image.

While the JLA battles Croc, Batman makes an interstellar phone call, via Swamp Thing to the potted plant on the dashboard of John Stewart's spaceship. John is still working with the Green Lantern Corps to keep people from trying to go to the other side of the Source Wall, which kept the Multiverse apart from the source of everything that existed within it. Now that the wall has been penetrated, it seems we might just meet the Source of everything in the DCU -- and it doesn't look a thing like Julius Schwartz!

Episode 17 by Critical Blast

Critical Blast

The first thing that springs to mind when I see John Stewart flying a spacecraft is that this reliance on something other than the Green Lantern ring for space travel is exactly what led to Abin Sur's downfall. That happened in an Alan Moore story, so it's apropos that John's potted plant turns into Swamp Thing and then into a plant-based Batman. Hint: there's a downfall coming.

As the League awaits John's decision, they proceed apace with their own plans to enter The Totality, and we see it laying on the ground like the Skull of God from James K Morrow's THE ETERNAL FOOTMAN. Of course, in that book, God's skull entered geosynchronous orbit and became a second moon. Maybe Scott Snyder can get this big head off the ground and into the sky, because they blew up the moon in the last issue, and that's kind of important -- it's not just a big nightlight, but affects the tides and other gravitational issues.

Superman and J'onn J'onzz prepare to enter The Totality, but they're not alone. Batman and Hawgirl have been shrunken down and injected into each of them so they can do a Fantastic Voyage. Meanwhile, Flash is on auto-mechanic duty, building a vehicle that can tap into the Speed Force since his own powers have been going on the fritz; he blames The Turtle, who has found an opposing force -- the Still Force -- for his speed hiccups. Hey, Flash, isn't there already a vehicle that's attuned to the Speed Force? I guess they really are keeping Speed Buggy separate from the main canon.

And while all this goes on, Lex Luthor continues to assemble his Legion of Doom, leaving all of us to wonder what role he has to play in all of this -- megamaniacal villain or surprise-twist hero? Lex has come out the hero so often, however, that it wouldn't really be that much of a surprise twist, so I'm hoping he's here to try to do a Doctor Doom and the Beyonder power grab -- and I hope he succeeds. Lex has been Darkseid before, so he may have some insight into the powers he's dealing with.

That's a lot of big stuff happening, and the reader has to fill in a lot of the blanks. And just when you think things can't get any crazier than they already are...

...well, remember that downfall I said was telegraphed for John Stewart? Yeah, that happens. Looks like we're going to need more Lantern rings on the store shelves.

4.0 / 5.0