Power Rangers 25th Anniversary Special

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All year, Saban has been celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the debut of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  We've gotten the huge SHATTERED GRID arc in the comics, an online channel featuring a new Power Rangers RPG, and there was even a massive Power Rangers marathon on Twitch.  The one thing that everyone has been real quiet about is what they would be doing on the Power Rangers TV series to celebrate.  UNTIL NOW!

Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver, the original Green Ranger...among many other Power Rangers over the years) posted on Facebook the below picture showing that he would be joined in the 25th Anniversary episode by Catherine Sutherland (Kat from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) and Jason Faunt (Wes from Power Rangers Time Force).  It was also hinted at that there would be more returning Power Rangers in the special.

The episode will be airing on August 28, which actually is the 25th anniversary of the debut of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  By the way, the current Power Rangers series Ninja Super Steel will be returning the same weekend on August 25!