Zenescope's Archer Becomes Most Wanted in Robyn Hood: Outlaw

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Robyn Hood Outlaw

Zenescope's ROBYN HOOD has gone through a few iterations with the books she's appeared in. With this latest miniseries, ROBYN HOOD: OUTLAW, she finds herself framed for the attempted murder of the police commissioner, found shot and dying in Robyn's trashed apartment late at night. On cue, police officers bust into her home, and they're not interested in making an arrest.

With dirty cops on her tail and an unknown person who is also a near-expert archer directing the players, Robyn makes a run for it, uncertain as to whom she can trust and unwilling to fight back against the police because she can't tell which ones are the bad cops and which ones are the ones only doing their duty but acting on misinformation. Along the way, she ends up rescuing a nameless smartass girl, leaving us with a breathless cliffhanger while we await the second issue.

That's literally the whole thing of ROBYN HOOD: OUTLAW #1. It's very easy to synopsize, but  the telling of it from Robert Mackie is compelling and engaging. Babisu Kourtis's artwork is also decent, if a bit thick on the inking and heavy outlines.

You don't need to know a lot of backstory to jump in on this one, which makes it an easy pickup. If you want wall-to-wall action in your comics, you'd be well-served in getting this one on your next trip to your local comics shop.

4.0 / 5.0