Black and White and Cute All Over: IMAX Pandas

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IMAX Pandas

This nature documentary pops right off the screen, thanks tot he IMAX filming of the subjects and their lush settings.

Narrated by Kristen Bell, IMAX PANDAS takes the audience into the world of the endangered Giant Panda, and the efforts to repopulate them in the wild. We get to see baby pandas, born in captivity and nurtured at a panda preserve in China, and learn of the efforts to wean the captive pandas back into their natural habitat. But that is no simple task.

To assist with these efforts, the panda experts come to the United States, to consult with an expert on releasing abandoned brown bear cubs back into the wild. Utilizing his knowledge, the team selects a candidate panda bear, fits her with a GPS tracking collar, and works on introducing her to the world outside the fenced-in sanctuary.

It's a journey with setbacks, and we get to see the commitment of the team to the safety of the animals.

At less than an hour in length, and with a fascinating subject, IMAX PANDAS is an ideal educational resource. It contains all the necessary details, but doesn't have such a long running time as to lose young viewers. Viewed this one on a larger screen to truly appreciate the IMAX filming.

4.0 / 5.0