Floppy Cop an Arresting Book of Bizarre Humor for Adults

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Floppy Cop 2

I had heard of FLOPPY COP through social media, and writer Dan Dougherty. I've seen Dougherty's work before, and own some of it, so I was already predisposed to checking it out. Then when the first issue broke the top 500 in sales, for a relatively unknown indie press (Source Point Press), I was decidedly impressed.

So when I was making my comic stop at Cosmic Comics, and saw FLOPPY COP #2 on the shelf, I picked it up and added it to my stack. I also showed the cover to my son, reminding him that Dougherty was the artist who drew the Little Archie sketch hanging in his room, and that I'd let him read this after I had done this review.

At this point, I'm sure Mr. Dougherty is looking at his screen shouting, "No! Stop!"

The titular Floppy Cop is a cop without a spine. I don't mean he's cowardly, I mean he has no physical spine. So he's... floppy. A fellow officer has been wounded in the previous issue and has been put in a coma, where he dreams of pretzel porn. To get information crucial to solving the case, Floppy brings in a super-powered prisoner -- himself in a coma after ingesting part of a radioactive chameleon, that rendered him invisible. So he's in a coma, and blends in to his background. Yes, he's the Coma Chameleon. He can communicate psychically, though, and gets a description from the injured cop.

Meanwhile, Floppy and his partner have been working a side case, which they've been told to stay off of. But when his partner solves one of the crucial crossword clues, they learn that both cases are the same one, and the town of White Trickle Falls is going to need the best the WTFPD can muster.

FLOPPY COP is a blend of adult humor with cartoon artwork, in the vein of South Park, only with the language filters off. The artwork is not Dougherty's, but rathar that of Seth Damoose (with a cover by Jay P. Fosgitt). It's funny, but in that kind of way that you are a bit embarrassed to laugh at. And while it's not mature in a visual way, the writing is not exactly the kind of naughty that ends up going over the heads of younger readers.

So, yeah, the boy won't be reading FLOPPY COP #2.

But his dad will be reading FLOPPY COP #3.

Get ready to get bizarre, with the creator of BEARDO COMICS.

4.0 / 5.0