Zoetrope Introduces Thumbelina to Grimm Fairy Tale Universe with 2019 Swimsuit Edition

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GFT Swimsuit Edition 2019

Gather round, children, while grandpa tells you about this thing comics used to do way back in the 1990s called Swimsuit Editions. Taking a page from Sports Illustrated, these annual books were a showcase for artists new and established to show off what they could do with the company's character by giving them the chance to do a full page shot of them at their sexiest. Marvel did it. Image did it. Omaha the Cat Dancer did it, and she was usually naked in her book so this was a step up in wardrobe. (Don't just take our word for it. ComicVine has a pretty good collection of these gems.)

Zenescope is doing its part not to let a great tradition die. But it also takes things a step further. Whereas the older variety of these issues were almost entirely pin-ups, the GRIMM FAIRY TALES SWIMSUIT EDITION includes an opening story, usually a teaser for things coming up in the next year to set events in motion. The 2019 book is no exception, and it looks like we're going to be getting a very interesting heroine in the form of Thumbelina. She's a princess, betrothed to a king she does not love (and who, quite frankly, is not human), and is making her escape when we meet her. Ultimately, after kicking ass and taking names, she gets cornered in a very special room of the labyrinthine kingdom. And that's when things really get interesting. You'll have to pick this one up for yourself to get a jump on Thumbelina's story.

After that, well, then we get the pin-up art, featuring all your favorite Zenescope heroines rendered by the likes of Mike Krome, Derlis Santacruz, Chris Ehnot, Sheldon Goh, and Michael Dooney, as well as about a dozen others. Some of these are images so hot, you'll almost regret carefully cutting them out of the book with a straight razor so that you can frame them in your room. (Be prepared: Buy multiple copies in advance so you keep at least one intact.)

An intriguing hook and a welcome sanctuary for the male gaze make this more than just a pin-up book, and is a persistent reminder: It's good to be Grimm.

4.0 / 5.0