Wizards of a New Oz: Zeb Hatfield and Eric Weathers on Battle Brick Road

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Battle Brick Road

Some classics lend themselves to modern exploration. Lewis Carroll's ALICE IN WONDERLAND has been exploited in films such Disney's iconic animated masterpiece, to books like Frank Beddor's LOOKING-GLASS WARS. James Barrie's PETER PAN has been a mainstay of musical production for decades while going through dark reimaginings like Brom's THE CHILD THIEF.

Similarly, L. Frank Baum's WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ has been interpreted and reinterpreted over the past century in television mini-series, animated cartoons, and comic books, either in adaptive retellings or wholly imagined variations.

It's the latter kind we encounter with BATTLE BRICK ROAD, a crowdfunded comic book project from Zeb Hatfield (FRANKENAUT) and Eric Weathers (FLYING FORTRESS). BATTLE BRICK ROAD find a grown Thea Gale venturing into the Great American Desert of the midwest in search of her father, and encountering characters terrifying yet familiar along the way. 

Check out our video interview with the BBR team below to get some behind-the-scenes insights as to the story, peeks at the artwork, and an appreciation for what it takes to produce a comic book through crowdfunding.

You can back BATTLE BRICK ROAD at its Indiegogo page here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/battle-brick-road#/