Butcher Queen: Planet of the Dead Kicks Off New Chapter for Red 5 Comics Space Adventure

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Butcher Queen

BUTCHER QUEEN is set in a future seen through the eyes of Rutger Hauer sci-fi films. It's focus is on Syd Kiowa, a former police detective on the outs and on the run who has banded together with a rag-tag group of bounty hunters composed of a few aliens and a synthezoid cybernetic.

This latest issue from creators Jim Ousley and Ben Sawyer, PLANET OF THE DEAD, finds her and her crew being sought out by the Interdimensional Task Force for an assignment she is uniquely qualified for. The existence of multiple dimensions has been recently discovered, and one of those alternate Earths is looking to make colonization inroads to Syd's Earth. But the man behind it is the alternate-version of a criminal Syd has faced before when she was on the force.

If she succeeds, Syd's record will be expunged and she would no longer have to live life looking over her shoulder all the time. But is she prepared to go up against an army of monsters that infiltrate human bodies through... well, through pretty gross methods? Maybe her new friend, who keeps a human consciousness in a jar, may hold the key to success. You'll have to read it to find out.

BONUS CONTENT: We sit down with the creative team behind BUTCHER QUEEN for a video livestream. You can check it out below.


4.0 / 5.0