America Elects James Marshall as President -- From Among Fictional Presidents

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Air Force One

The old adage goes, "Vote for the best man for the job. And someday, the best man for the job might actually run."

While Americans across the country are beating their chests or holding their noses to pick from among the current slate of candidates, asked Americans to select a Commander-in-Chief from among a select group of those whose track records we are more intimately familiar with -- the fictional Presidents of movies and television shows.

The report finds that, if we were using the electoral college system, the winner by a plurality would be AIR FORCE ONE's James Marshall (played by Harrison Ford, who knows a thing or three about walking away from landings) with 171 electoral votes. Following closely behind him is Thomas J. Whitmore (Bill Pullman) of INDEPENDENCE DAY with 124.

Everyone else was left in the dust.

Don't look at me if you don't like the results on their state-by-state map.

I voted for HOUSE OF CARDS President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey).