Mike S. Miller's MAGANIFICENT SEVEN May Be Last Hurrah for Trump-Trend Comics

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Maganificent Seven

Presidents have been featured, satirized, and flat-out lampooned in comics for as long as there have been Presidents and free speech. Superboy and Superman both managed to meet President Kennedy. Spider-Man met President Obama. President Roosevelt was nearly a junior member of the All-Star Squadron.

But unless my comics memory is failing (it could be -- I'm getting older, and I've read comics for a long, long time), there hasn't been a deluge of praise-and-parody comic books such as that which has been unleashed following the 2016 election of President Donald Trump. From Antarctic Press's TREMENDOUS TRUMP and TRUMP'S SPACE FORCE, Keenspot's TRUMP'S TITANS, and a cascade of others, Trump comics has become a cottage industry over the past four years.

All that may be coming to an end after the conclusion of the longest November 3rd in history. I simply don't see that many comic writers and artists being all that inspired to make a hero out of Joe Biden. Aside from the obligatory bio-comic, Biden and Harris just don't cry out for a comic book covfefe... er... cover.

So getting Mike S. Miller's MAGANIFICENT SEVEN might just be the last hurrah for this sub-sub-niche genre. And it's a bit of a "Dewey Defeats Truman" moment, as the book opens with Trump taking the oath of office in 2021.

Crowdfunded through Indiegogo, MAGANIFICENT SEVEN finds the Trump re-election too much for a certain Soros-loser to take, forcing him to fire off "The Triggering." As the oath is administered, an explosion in the sky causes many familiar Democrat faces to become zombie-like, merging together into one towering, writhing mass of flesh, growing and lashing out. Fortunately for the President, Dean Cain is on hand and calls in the right heroes for the job--The MAGAnificent Seven: Rush Limbaugh is the cigar-chomping El Rushbo, a Zorro-like avenger with a literal rapier-wit; Steven Crowder transforms into Strange Animal while his sidekick, 1/4 Black Garrett becomes the Quarterblack Quarterback; Laura Ingraham becomes the viking princess, Ingra Hammer; Ben Shapiro shifts into the fast-talking, fast-moving Shap-Hero; Tucker Carlson's unflinching stare is his superpower as the flaming Dead Head; Michael Savage's training in everything gives him supernatural abilities as Doctor Savage. And when they grant their "conservative credentials" to Dean Cain, he transforms into the red-caped, blue-union-suit powerhouse, American Avenger.

Let's be up front: MAGANIFICENT SEVEN doesn't pretend to be anything more than a fun attempt to draw political notables as heroes and villains in one over-the-top fight fest with a Hail Mary solution (allowing Miller to draw even more conservative characters -- the attractive, female ones --  as the Bombshell Brigade). And there's nothing wrong with that. It's meant to be some parody and satire, and it's actually well-balanced, as both sides take their lumps. And it ranks up there as one of the best drawn Trump parody books produced. This one gets a recommend from us.

Now, does anyone have any ideas about giving Biden a super power for his own comic book? Maybe he can sniff out trouble...

4.5 / 5.0