Comic Book Apps and Readers Worth Downloading in 2021

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Comic Book Apps and Readers 2021

Comic books have helped give birth to a selection of iconic characters over the years. From the likes of the Joker to Captain Marvel, numerous heroes and villains have been born thanks to the success of comic books and the subsequent movies, books and TV shows which tend to be released alongside them.

Due to the ongoing technological advancements we are exposed to today, the tablets and smartphones we now have access to can house a comprehensive list of sophisticated apps. For comic book lovers, there is a selection of applications worth downloading. Slot games based on popular comic-book movies and characters also appeal, with players able to go to to understand the relevant terms for superhero slots before tucking into a variety of releases. Then there are apps to help with weight loss or to find love online, alongside plenty of others. The options in terms of apps, and the functionalities our smartphones can perform, is impressive. 

There’s an array of comic book apps and readers already proving popular in 2021. Here is a look at some of them.


A free app with the option of starting a paid subscription, ComiXology offers its users an extensive selection of titles beyond the likes of Marvel and DC Universe. Praised for its diverse selection of titles, Amazon-owned ComiXology can also be enjoyed in more detail if you fancy paying $5.99 per month for its all-you-can-read experience. The app offers excellent viewing options, giving fans the option of using its panel-by-panel viewing feature, which is ideal for smaller screens. In terms of an all-around comic book app, ComiXology is one of the best around.

Marvel Unlimited

It’s in the name, but Marvel Unlimited has you covered when it comes to all things Marvel. Users can access over 20,000 comics, although the free version doesn’t offer this service. For $9.99 a month, though, you can. The app also lets you download 12 issues offline at a time too, making it perfect for any plane flights. Marvel Unlimited definitely isn’t finished in terms of its design, and it could do with a few tweaks here and there, but if you’re a Marvel lover, then you can most likely look past it.

Astonishing Comic Reader

An e-reader for comic books, Astonished Comic Reader is a great tool to make the most of any comic books you already have on your devices. You can’t purchase comic books using the app, but it provides the perfect place for you to enjoy them. You can sync all your comics with a number of devices, Astonishing Comic Reader offers an excellent manga mode, and it supports both CBZ and CBR file types.

Chunky Comic Reader

Only available on iPad iOS, Chunky Comic Reader is a well-designed and hugely popular app at the moment for people looking to house their library of digital comics. The app supports the likes of CBR, CBZ and PDF formats. Chunky Comic Reader also supports cloud imports from services like Google Drive, enabling users to add their favorites with ease. The fact the app is free makes it even more appealing, too.

DC Comics

The official app for DC Comics, you can access a massive selection of DC favorites in this slick and easy to use app. It can also be integrated with the aforementioned Comixology app, which is a nice additional touch. If you’re a fan of DC and are in need of a comic reader, then DC Comics is a solid option.

Other comic book apps and readers worth downloading in 2021 are ComicScreen, CLZ Comics, and CDisplayEx.