Massacre Video's "The Underground" Will Leave You Wanting to Know More About Phil Schneider

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The Underground

Massacre Video brings to you both the REMASTERED version and the original UNCUT version of The Underground: The True Story of Phil Schneider, along with a special BONUS disc of 4 of Phil’s 1995 lectures.

Believe him or not, Phil Schneider tells a fantastic tale that is truly out of this world.

Growing up the son of a U-boat captain for Hitler’s army, Phil's dad was captured by French military forces during World War 2 and then released to the United States, with his family, where he worked as a master machinist for the US Army.

Phil followed in his father’s footsteps, also working for the US military. He became a high ranking geologist and engineer, and his knowledge was put to great use during the 1970s when the demand for Deep Underground Military Bases -- or D.U.M.B.s -- were becoming more commonplace. In 1979, during one of his assignments for a geological dig on a site in Dulce, New Mexico, Phil’s life changed forever.

Four holes were to be dug in the desert, miles deep, then interconnected via an explosive charge that would hollow out an area underground to act as a shell for the newest base being constructed. While drilling the third opening, soot and unknown debris was expelled from the drilling site, accompanied by a horrendous odor. Probes were sent in to evaluate what was happening, only to be lost inside the crevasse. So Phil and another military soldier were ordered to be lowered inside to see what was happening below ground.

The two men were suited up, placed in a retrieval basket, and lowered into the drill site. About a mile down they reached a large open air expanse, where, much to their shock, they found two seven-foot tall gray humanoid creatures. Phil drew his pistol and began to fire, fatally shooting one of the creatures and hitting the other, but not before the creature was able to retaliate and shoot what Phil could only describe as a radiated particle beam, severing three of his fingers and splitting open his chest and burning his ribcage. Sixty-six other US soldiers, and a few from other countries, lost their lives that day as an all-out war was raged in that underground area, a war kept hidden from the public.

Phil spent years recovering from his injuries sustained that day, and later developed cancer as a result of being exposed to intense radiation. However, the cancer is not what ultimately took his life in late 1996. Phil grew exceedingly upset over the way he felt the government kept lying to its people. Fearing that the New World Order and the alien forces he had come into contact with had taken over the United States, he decided in 1995 to tell his story to anyone willing to hear it. Phil gave many lectures during that time period, and collaborated with a few others in writing articles and making his experience known. One year later, in 1996, Phil was found dead in his apartment. The cause of his death remains as mysterious as the story this man once told.

Massacre Video presents this release with the following Special Features:

-Two Cuts of the Film: The Remastered Version and the Extended Original Version

-English Captions for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

-Original Trailer

-BONUS DISC: The Schneider Tapes – Four Full Lectures by Phil Schneider

-Trailers for Other Massacre Video Releases

I sat in awe listening to the outrageous story. Part of me wanted to laugh at such nonsense, while the other part was scared out of my mind if such things could actually be true. I am amazed that an adaptation of Phil’s story has not been optioned into a full-length feature, because it has everything a Hollywood blockbuster would need: conspiracy, espionage, science fiction, horror, and a man’s ultimate struggle to tell a tale he felt everyone needed to hear.

4.0 / 5.0