The Radiant Sight a Modern Cinderella Korean Drama

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The Radiant Sight #1

Mild-tempered Kim Bit-na is used to being overlooked. But her destiny is about to change in this modern Cinderella story from Martin Fisher, inspired by romantic Korean dramas.

Bit-na is a young girl who lives in the slums with her roommate, the strong and confident Chloe. Both struggle to make ends meet and pay the rent.

Their life is a stark contrast when compared to that of Thomas Gould, the young director of the Gould Foundation, who lives a life of modern royalty. When Thomas's parents decide to throw a formal party to celebrate his recent financial successes, he sees it for the trap that it is: a scheme for him to meet eligible women and settle down.

Fate and magic begin to weave their spell, as an invitation to the event lands in Chloe's hands. At the same time, Bit-na inherits a dress from an aunt she never knew she had. When Chloe decides to crash the party, Bit-na drives her; but Chloe forgets the invite, and Bit-na can't get in to give it to her without a dress. So she slips on the dress she just received...

...and becomes someone else. Someone charming and irresistable. Everyone can see it in her -- everyone but Bit-na, who has no idea why she's suddenly being fawned over by so many people -- including Thomas Gould.

Fans of romantic Korean manga will want to check out this story from Fisher, with art by Rokka. The project is currently funding on Kickstarter until July 18.

4.0 / 5.0