How to Create TV Shows Using After Effects

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Make TV Shows with After Effects

The impact of video editing in the modern world can´t be described with simple words, but is as today one of the most important factors when trying to express an idea, sell a product, or even tell a story. This is due to the fact that most of human communication is concentrated now in social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, sites and apps that heavily rely on the use of video, so the one that can add the best effects, or creative ways to express an idea, will surely be the most visited of all.

And since visits, clicks, and likes are the governing priority of every social media creator, it has become the breathing air for many content creators, looking for the next breakthrough in technology, but also in software that allows them to create such videos. There´s when a powerful tool as Adobe After Effects comes in play, not only to add cool visuals such as explosions or thunderstorms to some action video but also to help people tell a story, or even create their own TV shows, using plaques and other elements present on those shows.

Now a person interested in creating their own news show can easily create the graphics to go with it to announce what story is coming next, or even use them to live stream an important news coverage near their home, or in the road. This is also creating a better way to democratize news, and having individuals creating their own shows is a trend that shouldn´t disappear in the near future, as now more than ever the multiplicity of voices that free media brings to the table is needed more than ever.

The use of After Effects in news

It´s a known fact that even those professional studios and news chains use Adobe After Effects to create motion graphics such as transitions, screen addons and even the possibility to add a great variety of effects thanks to the possibility to use templates in After Effects. This also makes the job of the video editor behind a domestic or small business news show quite easy, as using those templates can avoid dozens of hours of editing in some simple clicks.

In the past, news shows used quite some very basic programs included in their consoles that allowed them to add bars and texts in a very similar fashion from one TV show to another, creating quite a monotony amongst many of the news signals. Now the use of technology enhancing what video can show is creating quite another experience, for example in a helicopter chase they can add the streets the car is running through, or even compare sizes of different elements while there´s a live transmission.

This created a new line of TV and news shows, with a new era in which it seems that the use of effects is a must if you want to “compete” in this ongoing transformation. As TV shows find the use of effects more and more compelling and useful, since there´s a great way to add animations, transitions and of course funny effects that will break a laugh in the audience, a practice really common within some popular streamers and YouTube figures, who find their way to increase their audience by adding popular memes into shows, as well as editing their faces with any kind of effects to magnify their reactions.

The popularity of meme TV

Believe it or not, a lot of popular influencers now a day create entire TV shows using programs like After Effects, adding a new dimension to what they have to offer and in many cases finding their way to increase their audience. Since we live in a time where meme is one of the best way to crack a laugh on someone´s face, the use and even abuse of “memeology” to the streamers and youtubers favor seems a little overused in some cases, but with the right “concentration”, it´s quite easy to become a popular TV show.

In some other cases the memes are used to describe a funny situation in a tutorial TV show, another very popular content “flavor” that it´s really growing in the past years, particularly after the pandemics, when millions ended up in home trying to learn new things. It was an event that launched millions of new creators to work in their TV shows, showing how to create a table adding effects like rulers or angles, as well as those showing how to train certain muscles and showing with After Effects how people show workout in a very interesting way.

There´s even the chance to create your own martial arts series, adding post effects like dragon kicks with fire, random explosions added to a parked car, and even create a vehicle chase while parked outside a popular fast food franchise. The possibilities are almost unlimited, particularly when it´s even easier to work with such powerful tools, finding also a great deal of tutorials online, if one might become “stuck” in any part of the creative process.