How to Master Speed Reading

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Speed Reading

What used to be said about people who were knowledgeable in many topics, and could calmly debate and maintain conversations in any company? He is a well-read person. After all, it is true that people used to get the main information from books. Today, with the rapid development of information technology, a person does not have an urgent need to look for it in printed sources. But still, books, even if electronic, are one of the main sources of wisdom. And even great films, games, and roulette casino games for real money will never replace masterpieces of books.  Improving your reading skills is easy if you know how to do it. Here are some speed reading techniques you can learn to read faster:

Read whole chunks of words

Accustomed to reading one word at a time? That's why the speed is much slower. To reach a more dynamic level, you should try to cover several sentences, or better - a paragraph. It is good to start by practicing reading word combinations. Newspaper columns are best for this. As a rule, they contain from 4 to 6 words, which you should cover with your eyes at one time. Reading in this way for a few minutes a day, very soon you will notice that before you can blink, you have already "swallowed" several columns.

Try the diagonal reading technique

This is one of the most effective speed-reading techniques. To master it is not difficult at all, but it is worth noting at once that it is not possible to delve into fiction in this way. What is the essence? So, the first line you read, as usual, in full, and, having reached its end, you begin to look at the third line, sliding your eyes through the second diagonally. Then the movement will be directed to the left diagonally. Read the whole text in this way. Only after it returns to the part that seemed most important to you to look at it again.

Don't read with your mouth

The main "enemy" of speed reading is the sound barrier. When you speak the words or even just articulate, it turns out that the speed of reading is equal to the dynamics of speaking, and there is no way to get faster. That is why you need to read exclusively with your eyes.

Do not go back to previous lines when reading

Often people have a habit of going back to what they have read again. It is necessary to wean yourself from this.

Does reading faster sound too stressful for you? It is not as complicated as it may seem but you need to practice speed reading constantly. Try it to enjoy more new books!