Interview with Yugo Kinoshita About Innovations and trends Used in New Casinos

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Yugo Kinoshita

What innovations are reshaping the landscape of new casinos? What trends are in gambling nowadays? Meet Yugo Kinoshita, the Global CEO of Aruze Gaming Group, who speaks about the new era in the world of gambling.


Innovations in the Gambling Industry


In his latest interview with Gaming America, Yugo Kinoshita specifies that the online casino sector is currently undergoing changes. If you think back to online casinos 10 years ago and what we have now, you can draw your own conclusions. Yugo highlighted innovations that are having an impact on the overall player experience:

  • live dealer games
  • virtual reality (VR) integration
  • blockchain technology
  • mobile optimization
  • gamification features

That mentioned innovations are only a small part of what awaits new casinos.

The Future of Live Dealer Games

Yugo Kinoshita names live dealer games as a so-called "bridge" between traditional casinos and the digital realm of online gambling, providing interactivity and the opportunity to experience the real gambling experience.

And you might be curious: why it is so?

  • At first, it’s an interaction in real-time. You can interact in real-time by directly communicating with professional dealers through a video stream. Of course, this human interaction enriches your experience, fostering a friendly atmosphere. Would you be more interested in playing just by looking at the ever-changing pictures or when a live person is talking to you?
  • At the same time, players are assured that everything is as transparent and honest as possible. Here is roulette, as in a real casino, and here are real cards, not their virtual substitutes.
  • Live dealer games are characterized by high-definition video, multiple camera angles, and often the ability to communicate with the dealer and other players. It may not fully replace the experience of going to an offline casino, but it is very similar, isn’t it?

Okay, but what about real facts? According to Technavio's research and forecasts for 2021-2025, the incremental growth of this sphere should increase to $1.74 billion.

The pandemic of 2020 had a big impact on this - people began to spend more time at home, and it affected the online casino industry. Then there is the possibility of playing with real dealers: for 2021, the share of such games grew by 32.17%.

As for the technologies that can be applied in this field, Yugo Kinoshita highlighted the following:

  • Combination AR with live dealer games allows players to interact with virtual elements in the game.
  • Expect a wider selection of live dealer games, including variations of classic games such as roulette, blackjack, and brand-new concepts.
  • Players will get more realistic experiences with virtual reality headsets, which attracts new players.

What About Online Casino Trends? How Do They Influence the Overall Player Experience?

It is true that the online casino industry has seen trends change over time, with some elements becoming less popular or considered somewhat old-fashioned. However, modern technology can come to our aid here, too, and can be used to revive and rejuvenate these trends.

Yugo Kinoshita gave us a good example.

Traditional slot machines with static graphics and limited interactivity are already somewhat outdated. However, using 3D graphics, interactive bonus rounds, and various plot developments makes slot machines more appealing to modern players. No longer do you just press a button and see the result of your scroll, but you can live a whole story with the characters of the game. And this is quite thrilling!

In addition, traditional table games, which still have not lost their popularity, can be revived with the help of live dealers technology, which Yugo mentioned above. And this real-time interaction provides an authentic casino experience for trained players.

Yugo Kinoshita also admitted that challenges, tournaments, and loyalty points gaming rewards have boosted player engagement by offering new rewards for participation.

So, is Mobile Gaming the Future of the Gambling Industry?

Definitely yes. And that’s why.

Yugo Kinoshita has a good point: over the last decade, the development of mobile gaming has changed the way people play online casino games quite a lot. Here are several factors:

  • Smartphones and tablets are available to almost everyone at all hours of the day, allowing you to play on the go. This accessibility has expanded the market and attracted a wider demographic of players.
  • Mobile gaming offers convenience and allows players to play anytime and anywhere: you can play on the way to work and before bed, on your lunch break and while queuing at the bank. This flexibility suits the fast-paced modern lifestyle.
  • Continuous improvements in mobile technology have resulted in better graphics, smoother gameplay and increased security.
  • Many new casinos offer dedicated mobile apps that optimise gambling for smaller screens and touch controls.
  • The increasing market share of mobile gaming platforms and investment in this segment reflects its importance to the future of the industry.

However, Yugo Kinoshita pointed out that all this does not negate the fact that people will continue to play desktop games as well. As mobile gambling develops, the proportion of people playing at casinos from mobile devices is increasing, and there may be new casinos specializing exclusively in mobile gambling in the near future.