Niall Horan Releases New Single "Meltdown" This Friday

Niall Horan is prepared to release his second single “Meltdown”, this Friday, off of his highly anticipated, third album: THE SHOW. His first single, “Heaven”, was played by fans everywhere and it soared into the Top-100 upon its release and is currently over 65 million streams on Spotify.



Eva Cassidy with the London Symphony Orchestra: I Can Only Be Me

Eva Cassidy

So let me start this review off by finishing it: If you are an Eva Cassidy fan, a fan of the female voice, a fan of beauty and the human spirit, then you need to have this album “Eva Cassidy with the London Symphony Orchestra: I Can Only Be Me” from Blix Street Records. Period. End of story.

Now that you know you need this, here’s why.

If you are familiar with Eva then you know the story behind her, her music, her sad passing, her posthumous success, and, most importantly, her beautiful voice and unequalled style. If not, this album will whet your appetite and set you on a course to obtain everything this young lady recorded in her brief career before passing away at 33 in 1996 from melanoma. I doubt anyone who has heard her, hasn’t been changed in some way by listening to her music.


MonaLisa Twins, "Why?" Why? Because They're Fantastic, That's Why!

MonaLisa Twins WHY?

The MonaLisa Twins are singer/songwriting, multi-instrumentalist duo of twin sisters, Mona Wagner and Lisa Wagner, who hail from Austria. They have their own website ( where you can find out all about them, get news and updates from them, buy albums, merchandise, join their own subscription “club” (which helps fund their ability to make music independently without big record companies or labels), among other things.

I must confess that before reviewing this CD from the duo, I had only heard of them by name and not yet by music, even though they have several albums out.

But, having said that and having now experienced what they make and are capable of making, shame on me, as I could kick myself in the pants for not having listened to them sooner!


The Rolling Stones, GRRR Live: GRRR8!

GRRR Live!

The Rolling Stones GRRR Live DVD/2CD set showcases the Stone’s 50th anniversary tour billed as the “50 and Counting” Tour. How apropos considering where they are now! This particular concert took place on the last of four nights in Newark N.J. on December 15th, 2012. With guest appearances by The Black Keys, Mick Taylor, Lady Gaga, John Mayer, Gary Clark Jr., and Bruce Springsteen, the concert was quite the star-studded show.

Originally recorded and aired on Pay-Per-View, and not available to be for fans since, this set has been re-edited and the audio re-mixed, beautifully showcasing the Stones at this point in their career, and, undoubtedly, one of the most memorable shows in their history.


The Jorgensens: Americana Soul

The Joregensens Americana Soul

The Jorgensens latest release, Americana Soul on Paramour Records, is an aptly titled collection of ten original songs by the husband and wife team of Kurt and Brianna Jorgensen.

I say ‘aptly titled’ because this exceptionally talented duo and collective of equally talented supporting musicians have created a collection of songs with a sound that is both comfortable and relatable as Americana, and new and bold and full of soul.

Is this possible? Can such a blend of old and new be possible and not considered, say “New Country” music? The answer for me is a resounding yes!

From the moment the first beats from the title track “Old Black Crow” play, you realize right away this is not country music; and as you listen to the words and how they are sung, you realize this is story telling as it once was, and without the twangy nasality that sends chills up my spine like nails on a chalk board.


Diana Panton's "Blue" Will Have You Feel Anything But

Diana Panton, "Blue"

Have you ever had one of those moments where you were just settling into you chair, just about all set to start listening to music. You’ve hit the play button on your CD player, but you’re still a moment or two from being truly situated and focused. All of a sudden, the first words and notes are sung and played, and you jerk your head up, stop what you’re doing, and shoot your eyes straight to the space between your speakers -- because what you just heard is recorded so well and the vocals so pure and lifelike that you forget finishing settling in and just stop and listen.

That’s what happened to me just now when I cued up the new CD from Diana Panton, “Blue.”

I confess, I had not heard Diana before this album, and was instantly blown away by her beautiful voice and singing style. This has only happened to me twice before, once with Eva Cassidy and the other with Julie London.


Thin Lizzy: Live at the Sydney Opera House, October 1978

Thin Lizzy

For those who only know of Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy from either “Whisky In The Jar” or “The Boys Are Back In Town,” having heard them played on a classic rock station, let me tell you: you don’t know either, nor do you know the impact they had on hard rock specifically, and rock and roll in general.

Fortunately for those people, and those of us who have grown up listening to them and owning their records, there is a new release out from Mercury Studios that will not only offer an insight into just how powerful a rock band they were, but also give us a deeper look into the band and their leader, Phil Lynott.

This new set is comprised of a music CD of Thin Lizzy’s October 1978 concert performed at the Sydney Opera House, along with a DVD of the concert and a second DVD from 2020 entitled “Phil Lynott Songs For While I’m Away.”

Both the audio and video have been remixed and remastered by Mercury Studios.


Paul Winter Consort: Concert in the Barn

Paul Winter Consort

What the first morning of summer sounds like.


Rolling Stones: Licked Live in NYC

The Greatest Now, The Greatest Then, The Greatest Forever


Blackmore's Night "Winter Carols" a Winter Masterpiece Masterfully Remastered

Blackmore's Night, Winter Carols

Blackmore’s Night (Candice Night and Ritchie Blackmore) along with their band of Minstrels -- Bard David of Larchmont, Earl Gray of Chimay, Troubadour of Aberdeen, Scarlet Fiddler, and Lady Lynn -- have remastered and enhanced their 2006 Holiday masterpiece, Winter Carols. This 2-CD Digipak Edition from E*A*R* Music (available also as a digital album) also contains four previously unavailable tracks: “Here We Come A-Caroling”, “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”, “O Little Town of Bethlehem” and “Silent Night”, as well as a remastered version of their Christmas single “Christmas Eve”.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Blackmore’s Night, considering Candice Night one of the purest, most beautiful voices ever heard, and Ritchie Blackmore one of the most accomplished guitar players ever. I have enjoyed their music since they began, and use several of their albums as my reference recordings whenever I audition audio equipment.


Crazylegs is Crazy Good for the Whole Family

Folk for Little Folk Volume 1

I have learned three things in my 40+ year love affair with Bluegrass/Americana music—I’m talking real Bluegrass: Bill Monroe, The Osbourne Brothers, Earl Scruggs, and more recently Alison Krauss to name but a scant few—and all three are related:

  1. You can’t be feeling mad or sad to play it.
  2. You can’t be mad or sad to listen to it.
  3. If you are mad or sad when you start to listen, you won’t be by the time you’re done listening.

Well folks, Folk for Little Folk is just the right medicine, at the right time, to bring this often mad and seemingly downright sadness-filled society we live in today out of its funk to start enjoying life again! From start to finish, every tune here is inspired to make us (you and me) feel good. I don’t know about you, but isn’t it better to feel good and happy than the other way round’?


Your Complete Guide to Banjos - and the Different Types Available

Banjo; image from

Banjo players will readily agree that it's one of the fascinating musical instruments, and learning to play it – and play it well – is a definite challenge. But it's a challenge that's worthwhile, as mastering the instrument is an achievement. But many will also say that learning to play the banjo is easier than learning to play the guitar, so these are encouraging words for those just starting on their banjo-playing journey. But if you’re interested in learning it, it also pays to find out as much as you can about it – including the various types, as there is more than one from which you could choose to learn. Here, then, is your complete guide to banjos – and the different types available.


The two main kinds and various criteria


Blunt Lyrics: 609 Films Releases Bob Marley and the Wailers Capital Session on CD/DVD

Bob Marley Capital Session

A musical high.


Pink Floyd: Live at Knebworth 1990 (Vinyl)

Pink Floyd Live at kenworth

Run… Run… Run Like Hell and get yourself a copy!


The Best Drum Kits on the Market Currently

Pearl Drum Kit


Whether you’re an aspiring beginner, avid musician or experienced professional, having the right drum kit for your personal play style and preferences is vital to developing your capabilities. It also determines just how much fun you can have behind your set.

Of course, you want to make a wise investment and secure the best barrels in your budget range. As you might already know, prices for drum kits can quickly soar into the thousands depending on where you look. There are several brands to choose from and not all sets offer the same value for money.

In this guide, we review the leading options at various ends of the market. Let’s start by briefly discussing the key factors to keep in mind when searching for a drum kit.


The El Duce Tapes: Arrow's Time Portal into the Outrageous Band's History

The El Duce Tapes

Arrow Video presents the long lost footage of the creator of the SHOCK ROCK band "THE MENTORS" on Blu-ray.


Paul Winter's "Light of the Sun" as Fresh as Fresh Air Itself

Paul Winter's Light of the Sun

When I say that the music on this CD is fresh as fresh air, I mean that in a much deeper sense than the first thing that may pop into your mind.

In his own words, Paul Winter wanted this album to be a celebration of light. “With the title of Light of the Sun, I intended to embrace the many meanings we attribute to light: light as spirit, love, consciousness, human kindness, serenity, heart, exaltation, fire, the light that is integral to beauty, and the smile that reflects the sunshine in our heart.” Paul continues, saying, “Music is the common medium that can embody both the spiritual and physical aspects of light.”

To that end I feel Paul succeeds in accomplishing that desire, something that many artists hope to achieve in their works but sadly fall short.


Ricky Byrd's "Sobering Times" a Message of Hope That Needs to Be Heard

Ricky Byrd, Sobering Times

Whenever I set about to review an album or CD, I always include in my review any sonic attribute I feel compelled to mention for those of the audiophile faith, as I like to know these things myself to aid in the purchase of an album--things such as tonal and timbral accuracy, soundstage width and depth, hall sound. Instrument and performer placement, etc.

It wasn’t long after popping this shiny disc of new music from RRHF Ricky Byrd when all those things no longer really mattered; it was just simply the music that mattered. I was drawn into not only the music, but the message of each song.


The Best Cartridge You'll Ever Hear (From Someone You Never Heard Of): Well Tempered Labs Kauri Moving Coil Phono Cartridge

Kauri Phono Cartridge

One of the best cartridges you’ll ever hear that you never heard of and it comes from a land down under!


Watertower Music Releases Lucifer Original Television Soundtrack

Lucifer Original Television Soundtrack Seasons 1-5

If you're a dyed-in-the-wool Lucifan, you've probably already binged the first eight episodes of the fifth-and-final season of LUCIFER released on Netflix today. I mean, what more could you truly desire?

How about all the great music that we've heard these past five seasons?

Part of the charm of LUCIFER has been Tom Ellis sitting down at the piano now and again as Lucifer Morningstar, entertaining (or, sometimes, depressing) the crowds at his nightclub, Lux. And sometime later into he series, we find that Lesley-Ann Brandt -- Lucifer's right-hand demon, Mazikeen -- also sports an exquisite set of pipes, as she's allowed to strut her stuff with some sultry numbers like "Fever" and "I Want to Be Evil."

Particular highlights of this set include the duet of Brandt and Ellis performing "I Will Survive," and Ellis's emotional interpretation of Beck's "Creep" which opened up the fourth season when the show made it's Netflix debut.


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