Uwe Boll Says "Goodbye, Hollywood." Internet Breathes Sigh of Relief

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Okay, this is one of those things you admit when you're drunk with your friends and it's that point in the drinking where you admit embarrassing stuff you would never tell anyone else, but you're pretty sure that now is the right time to bare your soul. For me, it's this: I watched IN THE NAME OF THE KING and didn't hate it. It had a great cast, including Jason Statham, Leelee Sobieski, John Rhys-Davies, Ron Perlman, Matthew Lillard... and maybe because of that, it surpassed low expectations set by seeing that it was directed by Uwe Boll, whose claim to fame is making really bad movies out of moderately popular videogames.

One of the films in Boll's repertoire was RAMPAGE, which, like RETURN OF THE KING, was being launched into a franchise. It had a sequel and Boll was trying to get the money together for RAMPAGE 3. And like many people today trying to get money together for a project, he turned to crowdfunding and Kickstarter. He needed $55,794 to make RAMPAGE 3. He raised $25,394. Which, apparently, wasn't enough, and prompted an f-bomb laden YouTube rant to the world.

Now, we could have seen that coming. After all, it was not too long before this video (in fact, it could have been minutes, since Boll is wearing the same shirt) that Boll had shot another YouTube video in which he rambled on about Marvel movies being "stupid absurd shit" and calling out Jennifer Lopez as a "demanding Mexican bitch." (Although he did manage to nail the politics of the Oscars, if you ask me.)

It's apparently Kickstarter's fault that the crowdfunding failed, and Boll has sworn off of the use of crowdfunding. Because RAMPAGE 3 was "an important movie" and now people will never see it.

Maybe the $25,394 that was raised could be put toward another important film -- BLUBBERELLA 2. Or, perhaps, if Boll wants to raise some serious cash, he could put on a pay-per-view fighting event, pitting himself against Seanbaby.