James Burks' Bird & Squirrel Return for More Graphic Novel Fun

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Bird Squirrel On The Edge Scholastic James Burks

When I first met Bird and Squirrel, they were on the Run. And my boy and I loved them! The pairing of the brave, cocky, devil-may-care Bird with the skittish, paranoid, defensive Squirrel made for the least likely of friendships, but they made it work. (They even made their own theme song.)

Now the pragmatic squirrel and plucky bird are back, in BIRD & SQUIRREL ON THE EDGE! They're trying to make their way back home, and they've made a new friend: a baby bear cub. They've also made a few enemies along the way as well, in the form of a pack of wolves who've got their hearts set on the taste of bear, with a little bit of squirrel appetizer. Fortunately for Squirrel and Cub, Bird is there to distract the wolves and send them running.

Only now there's a bit of a problem.

In the process of scaring off the wolves, Bird got bonked in the head. When he comes to, he doesn't remember anything, and he's certainly not the bravest of the three travelers any longer. It's going to be up to Squirrel to step up to the plate and be the best Bird he can be if our heroes are going to have any hope of escaping the hungry wolves! And then there's a mother bear out there, somewhere...

James Burks' duo are a complete joy to read, and to engage your younger readers. The bright colors, emotive expressions, and persistent presence of adventure keep the pages turning and the reader involved.

4.5 / 5.0