Mysteries, Mispronunciations and Misadventures: The Mike Tyson Mysteries

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Mike Tyson Mysteries Cartoon Network Adult Swim Critical Blast

Cartoon Network's Adult Swim knows how to blend nostalgia with cutting edge (some might even say 'inappropriate' humor). With MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES, the team has successfully mixed the opening of JONNY QUEST with the framework of SCOOBY-DOO (although I lean more toward THE FUNKY PHANTOM). And bringing the actual Mike Tyson in to voice himself was just icing on the cake. Mike Tyson: Voice Actor. There's a job description nobody saw coming.

Mike has retired from fighting other fighters, but he's still out there fighting mysteries. With his Mystery team, comprised of his adopted daughter Yung Hee (Rachel Ramras), the ghost of the Marquess of Queensberry (Jim Rash) and Richard (Norm McDonald) whose witchy ex-wife turned him into a pidgeon, Mike takes on the mysteries nobody else wants -- like helping a Chinese construction worker build a canal across Nicaragua, helping a werewolf get a date, or trying to solve the dismemberment of a psychiatrist while trying to close a marketing deal on neckties while getting hummus, Mike leads with his fists and his mouth from one unbelievably wrong scenario to the next, with a blithe naivete that will have you rolling.

Taking on such contenders as IBM, Buzz Aldrin, and the house-hunting reality show trend, MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES will knock you out. But remember, this one's not for the kids (which is pretty much a good rule of thumb for any DVD you get that bears the word "uncensored" under the title).

4.5 / 5.0