Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Pop Star Minnie DVD Contest

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Disney Junior Pop Star Minnie Mouse

This contest has ended.

The randomly selected winning entry is: JANAN C. from RIVERWOODS, IL.

Is there anything that amazing Minnie Mouse cannot do? In this DVD from Disney Junior, Minnie's dream of singing onstage is about to come true -- until her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse backup band pals discover that their musical instruments are gone! Now the race is on to track them down and reach Melody Mountain by sunset. But even if they find the missing instruments in time, should Minnie sing the blues, croon a country tune, or boogie to a disco beat? It's going to take help from YOU -- plus a few Mouseketools -- to get Minnie in the right groove to totally rock out!

Bursting with fun, surprises, additional episodes and two delightful "Bow-Toons," Pop Star Minnie is simply song-sational!



Use the form below to enter for your chance to win this Disney Junior release on DVD. Be sure to check out our rules and regulations. This contest will run through February 7, 2016.