Best Actor of 2015 Goes to a Face Fresh as a Daisy

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Daisy Ridley Star Wars Force Awakens Best Actor 2015 Critical Blast

There was never a doubt that Daisy Ridley was going to be an actress. It was in her blood. What couldn't have been seen was how quickly all that study and hard work would pay off once it was put into practice. In relatively no time she was acting on British television, starring across from such names as Jeremy Piven.

That may have made her a passing name in England, but it was her role as Rey in STAR WARS EPISODE VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS that propelled her to stardom faster than the Millennium Falcom making the Kesel Run.

Giving the STAR WARS film franchise a strong female character who didn't need rescuing was something fans of the world appreciated. Daisy's character, Rey, has become a role model for boys and girls of all ages. She has Luke's affinity for the force, Leia's strength and quick wit, and Han's piloting skills. She's so kind she'd save a droid over feeding herself. What's not to love?

Daisy has a great spirit, and it's awesome that she doesn't take herself too seriously. We can't wait to see how her character develops in Episode VIII and beyond. And of course, fans are looming under the anticipation of who Rey's parents are. Based on what we've seen so far, we love Daisy and expect great things from her in the future which is why she's the fan pick for Best Actor of 2016.

Once again STAR WARS fans came out in force (yes, I said it) to vote for their favorite, and it was another landslide for the franchise. Daisy Ridley took 44% of the total votes, easily outpacing her closest competitors for the title, Robet Downey, Jr. and Matt Damon.