Cerebus now available for Digital Download

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A few years back, Comixology started to sell the second volume of Dave Sim's Cerebus (HIGH SOCIETY) for 99 cents an issue, with a new issue coming out each week.  But other than that, there wasn't many legal ways to get a digital version.  But Dave Sim has changed that!  On his website: http://www.cerebusdownloads.com/, you can find the entire 300 issue run of Cerebus available for digitally download.  The first two volumes (1000 PAGES!) are completely free.  

But, that's not the only cool part.  Dave Sim's full press release seemed to give readers the okay to bootleg the series if they didn't want to pay for it!

Hi there! The only completely legitimate way to acquire a digital edition of CEREBUS trade online is at cerebusdownloads.com where all proceeds go to me, Dave Sim and background artist Gerhard (80-20 split).  If you have acquired this edition by any other means you are invited to pay for it there if inclined to.

If you believe all content on the Internet should be free, you are welcome to download all of the other CEREBUS trade paperbacks for free at any website that does that sort of thing. If you are unable to afford to pay for CEREBUS either in book form or at cerebusdownloads.com for the usual reasons: child-rearing obligations, underemployment, unemployment or just the sheet weight of the cost of staying alive in the 21st century (unliked Bill Clinton, I LITERALLY feel your pain) but feel ethically guilty downloading something you haven't paid for, please feel COMPLETELY free -- and GUILT-FREE to do so.  Donate what you can COMFORTABLY can at cerebusdownloads.com when you are able to and pay for the books if your economic prospects unexpectedly (or expectedly) improve months, years, or decades later.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has devoted that most valuable of human commodities -- their time -- to reading my and Gerhard's work.

I own most of the Cerebus trades in print, but they are such hefty volumes I have only read Cerebus and High Society. I do enjoy them both, and have been real curious to check out more of this series.  This is really a terrrific opportunity and I hope more people take advantage of it!