LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Trailer Introduces Batman...and Son

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The LEGO Batman Movie

Yes, that's right, the next LEGO animated feature film is THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE. It focuses on the Dark Knight having to take responsibility for raising his son. And if you're thinking Damian Wayne, you couldn't be more off base.

The idea of Alfred taking charge of the man-child that is the LEGO Batman character is absolutely in character, and totally hilarious. The nod to the many costumes of Batman are a nice touch, although I cringe at the new Robin costume routine. And the trailer also offers up the most profound statement on the relationship of Batman and Bruce Wayne:

"Does Batman live in Bruce Wayne's basement?"

"No! Bruce Wayne lives in Batman's attic."

Enough philosophizing. You want to see the trailer. So here it is.

Black and yellow, black and yellow... Tell me that won't be stuck in your head the rest of the day!