Sky's the Limit for Our August 2016 Bombshell!

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Sky Song as Merida (Rick Currier Photography)

Our August 2016 Critical Blast Bombshell is relatively new to the art of Cosplay -- but it's apparently a natural talent for her. Sky Song is the second cosplayer to be featured as our Critical Blast Bombshell, and we're sure you'll be seeing more of her at conventions and across the Internet!

Sky exhibits all the qualities we look for in a Bombshell -- talent, commitment to the role, and the application of cosplay to community work, putting cosplay in a positive light to the rest of the world. If you're looking for a positive role model in cosplay -- look to the Sky.

Critical Blast Bombshell, August 2016

Sky Song

Interest in Cosplay: I always try out a new skill when I'm working on a costume and that tends to shake things up and keep me motivated to finish my costume. Right now I'm really working on my sewing skills and working with more difficult patterns.
Introduction to Cosplay: My first exposure to cosplay as a hobby was when SyFy aired its miniseries, "Heroes of Cosplay." I had no idea people made these amazing costumes and got to wear them year-round! It was like a dream come true since Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. The first cosplay I created was Midna from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I had never worked with EVA foam before, so it was a pretty steep learning curve! Everything turned out really well, all things considered. I even took second place at a local con's cosplay contest!
Secret Identity: Outside of cosplay I have a bit of a secret identity. I like to go by Sky for everything cosplay-related, but my friends obviously use my real name. I currently am working as a receptionist for a CPA firm in my area, and I love it! It's a really nice change from working retail.
Social Activities: I'm active in a local volunteer group called the Central PA Avengers, and we go to event in costume and hang out with the kiddos! We've been to THON at Penn State's main campus in costume and got to interact with dancers and families on the floor which really was a huge honor. I had so much fun that day dressed as Merida, and I even got a sticker from a little girl! She was so happy to see all of us.
Favorite Cosplay: Favorite cosplay: I have to say making an entire costume from scratch for the first time. The first costume I was able to do this with was Merida; I made the dress, her quiver, and her bow. Altogether it took me about a month to complete, one week of which was spent entirely on the dress and getting everything sized correctly. The bow is the biggest prop I've made to date and both my boyfriend and I learned how fun it was to shape PVC pipe with a heat gun. I hand dremeled the detail on the bow, and that alone took me about four hours.

Overall, that costume is one of my favorites to wear because Merida is such a fun character and the dress is very comfortable to wear.

Twitter: @SkywardCosplay
Instagram: SkywardSongCosplay
Sky Song as Spider-Gwen

Photo credits: Spider-Gwen by Roystroyer. Merida by Rick Currier Photography.

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