Good Morning Superman Latest Edition of Michael Dahl Superhero Readers

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Good Morning Superman

Sometimes, when I get up in the morning, I certainly feel as though the effort to do so is a superhuman one.

Serving as an excellent companion piece to his previous book, BEDTIME FOR BATMAN, Michael Dahl's GOOD MORNING, SUPERMAN retains the look established by the animated television series, this time with Omar Lozano illustrating the examples.

As with BEDTIME FOR BATMAN, the narrative follows the morning rituals of a young boy preparing to tackle the day, with a direct comparison to the activities of the Man of Steel undertaking an adventure. There are duties to be performed, and friends who will assist you as Supergirl and Krypto show up to lend a hand.

Because it is a children's book, it's a brief read. But it's cohesive and perfectly parallels the structure of the young boy's morning, which flows naturally. Nothing seems forced in any direction just for the same of making a comparison.

The challenge for Dahl now is to expand his readership to young girls. Projects like DC SUPERHERO GIRLS shows that there is an outreach in progress and a market to be mined. Perhaps a HOW'S YOUR DAY, WONDER WOMAN should be anticipated (he said, demonstrating why he should never title a children's book on the fly).

4.0 / 5.0