Is Marvel Vs Capcom 4 coming?

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Saw this on a few places the last two days, so felt it was worth reporting on.   

Marvel and Capcom characters will duke it out in a new crossover fighting game coming to consoles next year. Multiple sources tell Polygon that Marvel vs. Capcom 4 is currently in development and slated for release sometime in 2017.

Although Capcom hasn’t officially announced the game, we’ve been told the company will unveil Marvel vs. Capcom 4 this week alongside Sony’s PlayStation Experience event where the Capcom Cup 2016 Street Fighter 5 tournament will be held.

Fans of the series should expect Marvel vs. Capcom 4's roster of Marvel characters to draw strongly from the cinematic universe that Marvel Studios has popularized — and has full control over — during the past decade. That means fighting game fans will more likely see characters plucked from The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy films, and not from properties like the X-Men. Expect to see superheroes like Ant-Man and Groot make appearances, with characters of mutant origin — think Wolverine and Magneto — sitting out this entry.

Source: Polygon

Commentary: I have been a fan of fighting games since the first time I saw Street Fighter 2 in a local comic shop back in 1991.  My friends and I dumped a lot of quarters into Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, and on and on over the years.  We used to play them for hours on SNES too.  Whenever I was down on the Jersey Shore, you could find me playing X-Men: Children of the Atom, and I spent way too many hours and quarters in the Rutgers gameroom playing X-Men Vs Street Fighter.  

On the record, I need to point out, I actually am awful at fighting games.  I can't ever figure out combos and most of the time I am frantically spamming whatever special moves I can manage to remember.  I still have a ton of fun playing them, but you aren't exactly going to see me in any high stakes tournament any time soon.

I have always loved the Marvel Vs Capcom games.  They managed to capture the spirit of all these great characters that I have loved for as long as I can remember.  I actually screamed when I saw Captain Commando in Marvel Vs Capcom 2, I really didn't think anyone else had even played much less fondly remembered that shooter from Capcom's past.  So when I first heard talk that they might be doing Marvel Vs Capcom 4, I was pretty hyped up.  I actually don't have a current generation video game system, but this could definitely make me go out and buy one.

In the original Polygon article, there is a lot of speculation that the game will not be including X-Men.  Personally, that would be a deal breaker for me. Children of the Atom is one of my all time favorite video games of any genre, and the X-Men have always been very well represented in these games.  I personally hate the idea that Marvel has been avoiding pushing these characters because of the fact they don't have the movie rights for them, and I really would hate to see that have an impact on this game series that I love so much.