Peter Capaldi to leave Doctor Who after this year's Christmas Special

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Radio Times announced today:

Peter Capaldi has confirmed that he will leave Doctor Who at the end of the show's current run, bowing out to make way for a new Doctor.

Capaldi will leave at the end of series 10, with the 2017 Christmas special serving as his last hurrah.

The actor was speaking with BBC Radio 2's Jo Whiley during a special Evening in with Peter Capaldi when he revealed that he had decided it was time to say goodbye to the Whoniverse. "One of the greatest privileges of being Doctor Who is to see the world at its best" he told Whiley. "From our brilliant crew and creative team working for the best broadcaster on the planet, to the viewers and fans whose endless creativity, generosity and inclusiveness points to a brighter future ahead. I can’t thank everyone enough. It’s been cosmic."

Source: Radio Times

Commentary: To be honest, I was kind of expecting this news, since this will also be Steven Moffatt's last season as the show runner.  It makes sense to clear out and give the incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall a fresh slate to work with.  Don't get me wrong, I love Capaldi (and Moffatt), but I have been a fan of Doctor Who through it's many incarnations over the years, so I will definitely be continuing with the show even after they have left.  Change is just a fact of life as a Doctor Who fan.  

Let the speculation begin on who the next Doctor Who will be!   Will BBC go younger again?  Would they consider casting a woman or minority actor in the role?  Can't wait to find out!

Doctor Who returns April 15, 2017.