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Naturally Delivered By Game Jab

The boys at Game Jab are currently hosting three free give away prizes you wont want to miss out on and if you do then don't worry because the boys are already planning out bigger and better free give away prizes in the future. If you are just as pumped up as we are about entering in this free give away then here is all the dirty little info you will need to enter to win.


This Saturday at 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM Central Time, Zach will will be hosting a live Stream while playing The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and will be giving away to two lucky winners a free pair of Legend Of Zelda headphones.

1. To enter the give away you must be on and watching the stream until 2:00 AM when the winners are announced. If your name is called out and you are not on and able to respond then another winner will be called out.

2. All those who enter the give away will need to submit their YouTube account as an entry to help the ease confusion when announcing the winner.

3. To enter the give away just say "I want to enter." and your name will be added into a random name selector for drawing a random lucky winner. 

4. You can enter your name in every hour to better you chances of winning. 

5. Anyone who spams the chat or fakes an entry will have their name removed.


Click Here to watch Game Jab and if you like their channel then feel free to show them support by subscribing.


There is still time to enter in our Boom Mic give away. You have until March 22 to win your very own Vidpro XM-55 13-Piece Professional Video & Broadcast Unidirectional Condenser Microphone Kit.

Click Here to enter now and the best of luck to you all.