ARGYLE FOX by Marie Letourneau - A Fun New Picture Book for Kids

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From author-illustrator Marie Letourneau comes an adorable new picture book, ARGYLE FOX. 

Argyle Fox just wants to play outside. However, the gusty wind has other ideas. Despite his mother's warnings, Argyle Fox tries to build a card tower outside - but the wind quickly whooshes and blows the tower over. Determined to find a game to play on this windy day, Argyle Fox sets out to try different activities - but can he find something to do that the weather won't ruin?

Cute and whimsical full-page illustrations show Argyle Fox's adventures in enticing colors. This is a great story about using critical thinking to solve problems rather than giving up. While Argyle Fox's "answer" might be obvious to adult readers, children will love watching him think through his conundrum and try different activities. I loved the illustrations!

This is a quick read I think kids will really enjoy. 

5.0 / 5.0