Walter and the Wallet - A Fun New Rhyming Book with a Great Message

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Walter and the Wallet

In this fun new rhyming picture book, Walter and the Wallet by Billy Bloom (illustrated by Tanya Leonello), 9-year-old Walter Collingsworth is having an awful day – until he finds a wallet on the ground, filled with cash. Walter’s day goes from gloomy to great when he starts picturing all the fun things he could buy with his new money. But when he overhears a devastated old man who is the wallet’s rightful owner, will Walter keep the cash or turn it in?

I really enjoyed this book! The rhymes flowed nicely and kept me smiling. Sometimes I roll my eyes at rhyming picture books when I feel like the author took liberties on words in order to fit them into a rhyming structure, but this one flowed effortlessly, making it a joy to read. Whimsical watercolor illustrations bring the story to life, and I especially enjoyed the way the illustrator drew character emotions. I also found the layout of the book really pleasing, with different sized text and a different balance of pictures and words on every page.



There is a great message in this book about how being honest and choosing to do the right thing are the best rewards of all. However, Walter and the Wallet manages to deliver this message without being didactic or condescending to kids. I think kids will really love this fun story!

Walter and the Wallet is available now through Eifrig Publishing:

5.0 / 5.0