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On This Day in Comic Book History...

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Claire Temple

Today is Claire Temple's birthday!

Okay, that wasn't quite as impactful as I was hoping. If I'd published this yesterday, I could have opened up with "This is Catwoman's birthday!" Or I could wait five more days and say "This is Ghost Rider's birthday!" But it's Claire Temple's birthday, which is fine enough. She's on IRON FIST, after all.

Now, if you've found yourself knowledge of my encyclopedic knowledge of superhero birthdays, you're going to love this. If you rolled your eyes and sighed to yourself over another comics nerd geeking out -- well, you probably came to the wrong website in the first place. (It's okay. We're glad you're here!)

Fun.com is the source of my copious information -- and they've put together a keen little (okay, maybe a bit bigger than little; it's a colloquial use of 'little') infographic that will make a great addition to any comic fan's calendar! All it lacks is a way to import it into Outlook...

Super Anniversaries Infographic
Image Created by Fun.com