Catching Up: The Flash, Episode 320, "I Know Who You Are"

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I Know Who You Are

Everything has been leading up to this point. Armed with knowledge from the future, Marty McFly Team Flash has to convince Doc Brown Tracy Brand (ANNE DUDEK, THE MAGICIANS) not to give up on developing the flux capacitor her practical applications of speed force theory. That's because four years from the present, she develops the technology Flash can use to imprison Savitar in the speed force.

But...isn't that what caused this in the first place? If Flash 2024 managed to trap Savitar in the speed force after he killed Iris, then when does Savitar get the imprisonment that creates him and turns him into what he is? (That question gets even more twisty at the end of this week's episode!)

Convincing Tracy Brand to continue her research isn't easy. When they find her, she's burning her research, having had her funding cut off by the university. Showing her the future isn't as helpful as one might think, as it leaves her daunted. It's H.R. Wells (TOM CAVANAGH) to the rescue as he applies his charm and persuasion to the task of getting Tracy aboard Team Flash so they can build the prison that will hold and capture Savitar before he can kill Iris (CANDICE PATTON).

This effort is complicated, however, when Killer Frost (DANIELLE PANABAKER) shows up intent on killing Tracy before Team Flash can obtain her help. Cisco (CARLOS VALDES) has multiple clear shots at her, but hesitates, afraid that he may hurt his friend if he loses control of his powers, and he gets called out on this by Julian (TOM FELTON), who is already upset that the team is focusing on finding and protecting Tracy Brand rather than capturing Killer Frost and return her to her Caitlin Snow identity.

When Joe West (JESSE L MARTIN) has a serious conversation with Cecile Horton (DANIELLE NICOLET) about the future of their relationship, she ends up being taken hostage by Killer Frost, with orders to bring Tracy Brand to an address to be specified later -- or, you know, Cecile buys the farm.

But when Team Flash shows up for the confrontation, Barry (GRANT GUSTIN) gets weird feelings when Killer Frost knows everything they've planned, right down to being able to say his arguments in stereo with him. Savitar has given her all the information about what transpires at this meeting -- because he lived it. Which means Savitar has to be one of them. (So much for my Savitar is Wally West theory.) This thought is further galvanized when Joe talks to Barry, Wally (KEIYNAN LONSDALE) and Iris about family and love, after having told Cecile everything about Team Flash, leading Barry to the realization of Savitar's true identity. He excuses himself and runs to the outskirts of town, where he calls Savitar out.

And Savitar responds.

And Barry accuses.

And Savitar confirms.

When Savitar spoke through Julian earlier this season, he claimed, "I am the future, Flash."

Only he didn't. He said, "I am the future Flash."

Commas are important, boys and girls.

4.5 / 5.0