A New Monster Stalks the Dark Forest - Call In Arnold!

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Mountain Monsters

So why is Jeff meeting secretly with Trapper in the woods, without telling the other members of the AIMS team? This Saturday is going to reveal that particular secret. Is it really Trapper? If it is, is Trapper running the rogue team?

Or is it something more sinister at work -- like a branching plotline!

The AIMS team is in disarray. Feeling betrayed and left in the dark about Trapper's plans, Buck, Huck and the rest of the team reluctantly agree to give Trapper's plan a chance -- which involves using Jeff as a spy!

But there's a problem. Jeff is still getting nosebleeds, he apparently really has been taken over at times by the Woman of the Woods -- and while on a night investigation, Huck does the unthinkable: he gets lost in the woods! And when the cameraman finds him...he's not Buck anymore.

Meanwhile, Huckleberry is on his own, and reveals to the viewers that he has a secret of his own -- that he's spotted another creature in the woods while they've been out there after the Raven Mocker, the Woman of the Woods, and the Black Wolf. It's invisible, except for a shimmering outline of a humanoid. Somebody get Ah-nold. Or Danny Glover. Or we could just watch Huckleberry fight the thing on his own.

"Huckleberry's Predator" airs this Saturday, May 13, delivering everything fans have come to expect from MOUNTAIN MONSTERS -- right up to a lack of any resolutions! Prepare to be strung along for another week as the Hillbilly X-Files continue to play out what is apparently going to be a season-long drama of the Dark Forest.

3.0 / 5.0