David Tennant and Billie Piper to reunite as the Tenth Doctor and Rose for Big Finish

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Radio Times has announced:

Billie Piper will join David Tennant for her first ever Doctor Who audio episodes from Big Finish productions, in Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Adventures – Volume 2. Piper's Big Finish debut is the first time she and Tennant have worked together on Doctor Who since the 50th anniversary television special The Day of the Doctor in 2013, and the first time she has appeared as the Doctor's regular companion since 2006 TV episode Doomsday.

Volume 2 of The Tenth Doctor Adventures follows Tennant's first set of Big Finish episodes with Catherine Tate's Donna Noble in 2016. The new episodes will also star Nicholas Briggs as Ice Warriors Lord Hasskor and Warrior Slaan and Camille Coduri as Rose's mum Jackie.

In the first of three stories, Attack of the Zaross, an alien invasion of Earth isn’t quite what it seems.

In Sword of the Chevalier, the Doctor and Rose arrive in glamorous Slough in 1791 where they encounter an enigmatic ex-spy who has lived his life as a woman, and tackle alien slavers intent on trafficking human cargo.

And rounding off the series is Cold Vengeance, a new adventure with the Doctor’s old enemies the Ice Warriors.

Source: Radio Times

Commentary: Big Finish's audio plays are absolutely incredible.  I love how much of the actual cast they are able to get, and they cover such a wide variety of stories and time periods, even introducing new companions to Doctor Who canon.  I am not quite as obsessed with the Doctor/Rose pairing as many Doctor Who fans are, but I always liked Billie Piper as Rose, so I am glad that we will be getting more adventures featuring her.  I hope this leads to some later Rose stories telling us about her life in the parellel dimension with the Doctor's "clone."