Is It The Dark Woods Olympics? Mountain Monsters: The Three Rings of the North

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Mountain Monsters Three Rings of the North

Remember when MOUNTAIN MONSTERS had a big story if an episode was a two-parter? This season, the Hillbilly X-Files is the plot line that never ends, as the sojourn into the Dark Woods reveals further creatures and conspiracies. It's like an Appalachian Twin Peaks, with every episode adding another weird layer onto a layer cake of weirdness.

Saturday, May 20th, the Destination America series picks up with Huckleberry covered in blood after having tangled with Predator an invisible creature with a shimmering humanoid outline to it. The blood wasn't Huck's, because my man knows how to use a knife, so there's an invisible creature leaking very visible (and very red) blood. Also, he doesn't heal all that fast, because the next day he's still leaving a fresh blood trail; coagulation apparently one of his cryptid-powers.

To protect themselves, the AIMS team decides to fortify their base camp cabin by surrounding it with an electric fence.

When Trapper calls the team together for a recap meeting, Buck remains silent on his own experience in the Dark Woods, where he got lost and then lost time -- a period where we saw him speaking to the cameraman in calm tones and acting very un-Buck-like. (Standard Buck behavior follows the lines of a. Carry a gun into the woods to hunt Bigfoot and b. Run like hell when you hear a tree branch.) However, we do learn that Jeff is getting very little information from the other investigative team he has infiltrated. The AIMS team was led to believe he held some kind of rank, but it turns out he's basically the chief cook and bottle washer -- the low man on the totem pole who gets told nothing. They have to get him insinuated back into this team so he can learn more about who they are and what they're doing -- and what the heck they shot last episode, which may or may not have been the Black Wolf.

During the episode, Buck shares with Jeff some of his experiences in the Dark Forest, experiences similar to Jeff's. Buck is still seemingly unaware of his behavior that night, and when he checks his phone, he finds a video on it that he refuses to share with Jeff (or the camera). But this video sets him off into entering the Dark Forest alone -- the very thing he told Jeff not to do. Since he freaked the camera men out so much last time, he goes alone, so be prepared for some of the shakiest shaky-cam work of all time...and naturally it is going to capture a frame or two of something that we won't be able to make out clearly.

The episode concludes on yet another cliff-hanger, with Jeff back inside the other team, and left alone to apparently be the torch bearer for the Dark Woods Olympics. The great Floral Arranger of the Forest has been at it again, making grape vine artwork in little clearings, and Jeff is smack in the middle of it this time, acting creepier than usual. Perhaps, just perhaps, he really is a wood elf! You're going to have to tune in and see for yourself all the bizarre activity, as the Saga of the Dark Woods of Lee County, Virginia continues to unfold.