Pieces to Peaces Hand-Made Hairbow Sampler Set

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Pieces to Peaces Slouch Beanie and Hair Bows

Whether you're a yogi, indoor cycling fanatic, crossfitter, or just like the outdoors, add some spark to summer and fall with the functional, fashionable accessories from Pieces To Peaces. Blending passion and peace into one brand, Pieces To Peaces creates stylish and functional fashion accessories. Handmade to perfection, this beautiful brand believes that what you wear should be cute and comfortable. These bands are super comfy, cute and can be worn so many different ways! Wear the bow in front or to the side for a stylish, chic look – or even show off the bow under your hair for a wide boho style.

Pieces To Peaces has provided Critical Blast with a pair of these bow bands, as well as a "goes with anything" slouch beanie, and now it's our turn to pay it forward to our readers. Just use the form below to enter. Visit Pieces to Peaces on Facebook or Twitter, or tweet a message out to your friends that you've entered our contest. You can pick all the options, and you can tweet the message out once a day, to maximize your entries and increase your chances of winning.

Be You. Be Free. Just Be Sure to check out our Rules & Regulations page before continuing, and good luck!

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