Everything you thought you knew about the DC Universe is based on a typo...

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In this week's DARK DAYS: THE CASTING, the Joker lets us in on a secret in the background of the DC Universe.  We always thought that superpowered beings in the DC Universe were called metas.  Turns out that in-continuity, this was always a typo.  Turns out they are "Metal" as in they have Nth Metal going through their blood.  This is one hell of a ret-con.  Like when we found out that Weapon X actually was roman numeral ten.

Here are the panels below:

And of course, Batman always knew about this, and that is part of the reason he's been keeping such a close watch on Duke Thomas.   Also in this comic, we found out that there is some kind of powerful batgod pulling the strings of the DC Universe.  It's supposed to be someone called Barbatos the Bat God from Grant Morrison's run.  To be honest, I missed all of that, so I really had no idea what they were talking about here...and I didn't feel all that inclined to go back and check it out. 

I know I sound a little negative here, but I am definitely curious about all these developments.  It just seems like once more DC is building up a little too much around Batman, so that makes me a little hesitant to jump in here and just enjoy the ride.