Marvel releases new Inhumans trailer at SDCC

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I want to be upfront and say that I've really never had much of an interest in the Inhumans.  I do think some of the characters can be cool at times (like Karnak and Maximus), and I do like Ms Marvel and Moon Girl, though the least interesting thing about those characters is "They happen to be Inhumans."  But on a whole, I mostly skip reading comics featuring the Inhumans.  I even stopped watching Agents of SHIELD when it becomes "All Inhumans, All the time."  They just are a pale substitute for mutants, to me.  Been a huge X-Men fan since I started reading comics more than 25 years ago, and the Inhumans will just never replace them for me as a reader or watcher of superhero movies/TV shows.

All that said, I think they did an admirable job here making the characters look and feel like their comic book counterparts. Maximus, Medusa, and Lockjaw were particularly really well done here.  And on a whole, it was a solid trailer, though it's not likely to get me to go out to the IMAX to check it out, or even to watch it on ABC.