Huge surprise guest star for DC's Dark Night: Metal 1 <<SPOILERS>>

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DC deciced to take a page out of Marvel's playbook, and leaked some huge news to the Washington Post this morning.

Dream from Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN will be appearing in DARK NIGHTS: METAL #1,  


As special as “Metal” was shaping up to be, [Scott] Snyder was aiming to make the story unforgettable.

That was the moment he decided to reach out to writer and comic-book legend Neil Gaiman.

Snyder was preparing to take DC’s heroes to a place they’d never been before, and there was a character in Gaiman’s classic Vertigo Comics series, “The Sandman,” that Snyder thought would be the perfect guide into the unknown: Dream. So Snyder asked Gaiman for his permission to use Dream in “Dark Nights: Metal.”

To his surprise, Gaiman liked the idea. After exchanging emails about Dream’s role in the story and the many surprises the character would explain, Gaiman told Snyder words he won’t soon forget: “I love it. Go for it.”

“I was so excited. It was one of the greatest days of my professional life,” Snyder told The Post. “[Gaiman] couldn’t have been more generous. I just want to say thank you to him for sharing such an incredibly special character with us. It’s literally one of the best moments of my career, to be able to get to write a character that meant so much to me growing up and still does.”

Dream appears on the final page of the first issue of “Metal,” alongside Batman. Snyder says the character’s role in the story is “crucial.”

Source: Washington Post

Commentary: Been a long time since we've gotten to see any of the Endless, so I am very happy about this.  The article doesn't specify which version of Dream it is.  I would love for it to be Morpheus... 


But I am assuming that it will more likely be Daniel, who actually has appeared in JUSTICE LEAGUE, way back in the day..

Either way, I think this definitely amps up the importance of DARK NIGHTS: METAL.  I've been a huge fan of SANDMAN forever now.