Introducing our September Bombshell: Brazilian Cosplayer Carolina Lino

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September 2017 Bombshell

Growing up with in America with American comic books, it's easy to think that -- because comic books are such an American institution -- the comic book convention and the attendant cosplay that has really taken off over the last decade must also be uniquely American. But one of the things we are continually reminded of with the Critical Blast Bombshell feature is that the phenomenon is truly a global one, and that it's more than just people dressing up in costumes.

Brazilian cosplayer Carolina Lino (aka C-Cat) has spent half her life doing cosplay. The 24-year-old has, like many others, found a creative outlet in the process and applied it toward charitable events for children, bringing favorite characters to life and bringing smiles to those who need it very much, showing off her mischievous side with characters such as LEAGUE OF LEGENDS' Jinx or SUICIDE SQUAD's Harley Quinn.

And while your editor is a little late in bringing the feature to you this month, we couldn't be proder to present to you the...

Critical Blast Bombshell, September 2017

Carolina Lino


Phographer: Daniel de Carvalho Quelucci

What is your interest in Cosplay?

I do cosplay for fun. I like to hang around with people at the convention, play around with children. And I like the art concept of it: all the preparations of the costume, props, photos, everything is very connected, and the results are breathtaking. Also, I like to inspire people to do it too, to create their own version of characters and stimulate their creativity.  

What was your introduction to Cosplay?

I started in 2004 when I was 12. I was always into animes and mangas, and I used to attend conventions in my city with some friends. We used to have so much fun taking pictures with professional cosplayers who went to japan and other countries to compete with each other for the best costume. We were astonished and decided to do our own cosplays.

What is your "secret identity?"

I have a masters degree in international law, but I never really enjoyed working with that. It took me 5 years to realize I liked to work creating new ideas with people and companies. Today I work with marketing and social media for small and big companies. I don't think I would make cosplay for a living, but I would like to keep this as a hobby.

Any social activities (especially if you are able to incorporate cosplay into it, such as charity events)?

I work for " Ação Cosplay" in my country, It's a NGO focused in visiting children in hospitals and attending social events dressed as children's favorite characters. 

Harley Quinn
Photographer: Marcos Vinicius P. de Oliveira

Do you make as much of your own costume or rely on purchased materials -- and is that important overall to cosplaying?

Some accessories I try to do by myself, but others I feel like hiring someone to do it because I know I can't do it yet. It's very fun to create your own stuff, but sometimes it's better to rely on some professional help.

What is your favorite cosplay--your go-to that you just love to put on and act out?

I would say Harley Quinn or Jinx from League of Legends, because they have lots of different version to reproduce and It's very fun to act with their characters since both of them are crazy and fun to interact with people.

You can find Caralino online at:


Insatagram: @carolinalino.ccat