Teen Titans Go! Movie coming to theaters next year

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Greg Cipes (the voice of Beast Boy) just posted this on his Twitter feed:

20h20 hours ago

I'm Dreaming awake! Our Teen Titans Go! feature film is headed to the big screen July 27, 2018!

Commentary: I am actually split on this.  I love TEEN TITANS GO!  But I am not quite sure it can sustain my attention for a full-length movie.  TEEN TITANS GO! works best in 10 minute chunks.  That said, I did enjoy the two-part episodes, and NIGHT BEGINS TO SHINE (a 4-parter) was good.  ISLAND ADVENTURE was five-parts, but each of those episodes was pretty stand alone, so I am not sure it should count.  Either way, my kids are definitely going to want to see it.  TEEN TITANS GO! is their favorite show.

It occurs to me that Cartoon Network must have been working on this for a while if it's going to be on the big screen by next July.