When You Wish Upon a Tweet...for a Magic Murder Button for the GOP...

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Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated

How much trouble can you attract with just 140 characters?

Since the advent of Twitter, millions of us have been given the chance to find that out, venting our frustrations and clicking the ol' submit button before having a cooler head.

Yesterday was comic book artist Sophie Campbell's turn in the Twitter hotseat. The artist of @IDWPublishing's TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES and JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS took to her account on Monday and began expressing a wish for world peace, for all the children of the world to join hands and sing a song, a cure for cancer, wings for kittens, and the overall betterment of mankind.

Oops! Actually, that looks more like the tweet of an evil Doctor Doofenshmirtz, wishing for a (rather deadly) anti-GOP-inator. Perhaps Sophie should watch out for fedora-sporting platypi.

Twitter, as usual, was quick to respond.

The tweet was ultimately deleted and replaced with a wish for a magical "undo" button (because I'm sure at that point Sophie was wishing she had one)...

Maybe a better magic button to have would be one that fixes problems the GOP cause/are trying to cause, so they'd just be out of a job.

— Sophie Campbell (@mooncalfe1) September 26, 2017


...but not before others had captured the tweet and garnered shmocked (that's "shocked" and "mocking") responses from both sides of the political spectrum. So, hey, hooray for unification!

Are you mentally ill? https://t.co/ODP97gFVR3

— Diversity & Comics (@DiversityAndCmx) September 26, 2017

Sorry, that's not a question you should ask of anybody. You might get an answer.

Isn't that one of the morality question we're ask as kids. If you had the power to press a button and kill someone would you use it. Right

— addyourname (@HarveztCB) September 26, 2017

It was also a damned fine short story called "Button, Button" by SF master Richard Matheson.

Because wanting to murder people you disagree with is totally okay! pic.twitter.com/KZdm4iTzJa

— Dog Is My Co-Pilot (@MadCapMunchkin) September 26, 2017

But it's just a magic button, so it's totally okay, right?

I can say unironically that this person is literally a Nazi.

— theonlyfuture (@knowshismasters) September 26, 2017

And that's when the blocking began. En masse.

Ha! I got blocked!

— Dog Is My Co-Pilot (@MadCapMunchkin) September 26, 2017

Oh, no, she's blocked me. This is your fault Zach!

— Captain Ajerodica  (@mrskribble) September 26, 2017

I'm blocked.

— 8bit Trashcan (@8bitsoftruth) September 26, 2017

You can follow Sophie Campbell on Twitter--provided you haven't been blocked. (CriticalBlast attempted to reach Sophie on her Twitter, but because we were following the conversations linked above...you guessed it. We were blocked.)