Dark Nights Metal #2 Offically Makes DCU Bat-Centric

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Yes Dark Nights Metal 2 ties into Green Lantern Corps!

So here's the thing with DARK NIGHTS: METAL. It's the latest chapter in a continuing idyll that began with FINAL CRISIS and THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE. That's going back to 2009, and continuing on through The New 52 JUSTICE LEAGUE series. That's an 8 year story-arc for those keeping track on fingers and toes.

Basically, when Darkseid sent Batman back in time (FINAL CRISIS), he was seen by the god Barbatos. He landed in caveman days, which we find out is what initially kicked off the Court of Owls. All history has been shaping Bruce Wayne to become Batman and the gateway for Barbatos to enter the physical world from the dark dimensions. And over several of his past adventures, Bruce has been infused with different metals, all of which are necessary for a ceremony to open that gateway. Five are required -- four have been applied.

But Batman is now aware of this plan, and is making his own plans to stop it. Naturally as it involves him, he's going it alone (with his Bat-family), and keeping secrets from the Justice League. He's even gone so far as to plant transmitters around the world sending out the sound of his heartbeat so that it will throw them off if they try to track him (which they do). This is typical "Only I Can Do This" Batman, facing off with "Let Us Help You With Something We're Clueless About" Superman.

But Batman's plans are already doomed to failure, because the Court of Owls has had way more time to plan before Batman even got into the game. Like, centuries more time. So Batman's stolen weapon (no spoilers here, but it's a bizarre one!) which has garnered the attention of no less than the Guardians of the Universe (side note: some artist please give Ganthet a Walkman, just for the sheer joke of it), is not going to do what Batman plans for it to do.

Cue the fifth metal, chant the incantation, and a helpless Superman and Wonder Woman are on hand to welcome the various Dark Multiverse Batmen we've been meeting in the different one-shots, each a merger of Batman and a different Justice Leaguer.

I can't even pretend to understand everything that's been going on, which is probably to be expected. Yeah, Scott Snyder's writing it, but growing a tree out of a nut left behind by Grant Morrison is destined to be fraught with a mind bending case of the "Huh?"s. It's like that giant spinner thing at the carnival -- it's makes you dizzy but it's still a hell of a ride.

4.5 / 5.0