Archie Halloween Spectacular All Trick, No Treat

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Archie Halloween Spectacular

When I saw that there was an old-school Archie once more on the shelves, I made a mad dash to pick it up. My son fell in love with Archie Comics just in time for them to be too mature for him to read, so he's been grabbing up all the new digests and back-issues at used book stores.

The ARCHIE HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR is a three story anthology. In the first one, "Scary Scary Doooo!" by Alex Simmons and Pat & Tim Kennedy, the gang shows up at a Halloween party that Veronica is throwing, only to end up scared silly when Reggie pranks them.

In the second story, "Giving Up the Ghost" by Paul Kupperberg and the Kennedies... Veronica throws a Halloween party, and the gang gets scared silly when Reggie pranks them.

Okay, but in the third story, "A Party for Ghosts" by Dexter Taylor and Rudy Lapick, Little Veronica throws a Halloween party for Little Archie and the gang...only to...errr...get scared silly when, uhm, Reggie pranks them.

I love old school Archie. I even love old school Little Archie. But with this Halloween special, I feel I got more trick, and not nearly enough treat.

1.0 / 5.0