Black Panther Trailer #2

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This morning we got a new trailer for BLACK PANTHER from Marvel Studios


One thing that immediately jumps out at me about BLACK PANTHER is that it seems to have such a different feel from the other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.  I thought that was a huge strength for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and DOCTOR STRANGE, and it's great that they are doing it here too.  I have never been a huge BLACK PANTHER fan, but this trailer definitely sells me on Panther starring in his own movie.  I also love how they showed how advanced Wakanda is.  The filmmakers have definitely captured the spirit of the character brilliantly.  On a side note, I've actually been a fan of Klaw for a while (I first encountered him in a DAZZLER comic when I was a kid), and I keep forgetting he's being played by Andy Serkis.  That is a huge selling point for me. 

BLACK PANTHER will be in theaters February 16, 2018.